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1999-2002 F-Body Dual Pump Fuel System
1999-2002 F-Body Dual Pump Fuel System
1999-2002 F-Body Dual Pump Fuel System
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Walbro 450 LPH - E85 and Gas
Walbro 525 LPH - E85 and Gas
Supply fitting
Stock push connect
-6 AN
-8 AN
Evap port fitting
Stock push connect
-6 AN
Plug it (no EVAP)
Return port fitting
Stock push connect
-6 AN
-8 AN
Wiring Options
Plug and play wiring harness
Plug and play wiring WITH Hobbs Switch
NO WIRING - Customer accepts all responsibilty to make sure it's wired correctly
New Level Sensor
I'll reuse my stock one
99-02 stock replacement (33-240 OHM)
0-90 OHM for swapping
Plumbing Kit
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We're bringing our high performance in-tank dual pump technology to the 4th generation GM F-Body cars. That's right, now there is a high flow solution that just drops in the tank for the LSx powered 1999-2002 Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird. It requires the use of an external fuel pressure regulator and filter, which we can supply individually or in a plumbing kit.  The Walbro DCSS pumps as well as traditional pumps such as the GSS342, DW200, all will fit.  If ordered without pumps it will ship with everything you need to properly install your own pumps - hoses, clamps, socks.

It's available with a plug and play wiring harness so you don't have to worry about wiring it up correctly, too.

We also have various plumbing kits available for any configuration you have - aftermarket or stock rails, PTFE or non-PTFE, etc.  If you already have plumbing on the car we'll work with you to determine the appropriate components to get you up and running for minimal cost.

We think it strikes the right balance between a loud, unreliable external pump system and higher-costing systems.


We regularly customize this unit for non-factory setups.  It can be supplied with a 0-90 ohm level sensor for swapping into an earlier f-body.  The 99-02 plastic tank fits in place of the 1998's steel tank and are commonly available at salvage yards. 

  • This system will connect to the stock feed, return, and EVAP lines just like the stock fuel pump.  The ports are machined for standard o-ring fittings so you can connect AN hoses directly to the fuel hat as well.
  • Billet 6061 aluminum construction
  • Anodized for corrosion protection
  • High amperage molded and sealed wiring feedthrough. NO LEAKS!
  • Your stock fuel level sensor slips right on
  • Stock tank EVAP pressure sensor is retained
  • Available with single or dual pumps. If you order with just one pump now you can add the 2nd pump later.
  • Completely E85 compatible


  1. For stock rails, -6 non-PTFE lines
  2. For stock rails, -6 PTFE lines
  3. For sftermarket rails, -8 non-PTFE lines
  4. For aftermarket rails, -6 PTFE lines (this flows the same as the -8 non PTFE, not a typo)
99-02 F-Body Dual Fuel Pump Wiring Harness
99-02 F-Body Dual Fuel Pump Wiring Harness
Your Price: $189.00
1-2 PSI pressure switch with Metripack sealed harness
1-2 PSI pressure switch with Metripack sealed harness
Your Price: $62.00
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